Supima® Certification

Supima® Certification is a certificate issued by the Supima® Organization. First established in 1954, this is the organization responsible for marketing and promoting the Supima® Cotton and, whenever necessary, defend it. 

In short, the Supima® Certification guarantees that every certified company is an official licensee of what may be very well considered the world’s finest cotton.

If you want to know where the cotton you use in your quality products comes from, our Supima® Certification assures you of its origin: it is American grown, with a proud heritage and the premium worldwide recognized quality that makes a difference.

To learn more about the luxurious features of this type of cotton, you can read all about it in our dedicated section. But if it’s information on what is the Supima® Certification and what it means to the industry or the consumer, then read along. 


What is the Supima® Certification?

The Supima® Certification is one of the many efforts made by the organization to guarantee the legitimate use of the American grown Pima cotton.

It allows for any company within the entire Supima cotton supply chain to become fully licensed and gain access to the brand.

When the final customer is aware the entire supply chain can receive a Supima® Certification, he or she can be sure that the product is trademarked and that it either contains US Pima cotton or is 100% made of it.

The Supima® Certification and license is non-transferable.

That means a certified company cannot pass down the trademark down the line, which is one of the main purposes of the Supima® Certification program: to globally promote and protect the trademark while generating awareness and increasing its consumption. 

supima cettification

How important is the Supima® Certification?

The Supima® Certification is used in many countries around the world. The name itself adds value to any company, as the US Pima cotton represents less than 1% of cotton worldwide. 

The superior features of this type of cotton make it all the more desirable to obtain since it allows for the creation of quality and luxurious products. One needs only to pay close attention to a few of the brands working with a Supima® Certification across the fashion industry (but not only) to truly understand its importance.

If you want to create the best possible cotton products, look for a cotton supplier with the Supima® Certification such as ITJV and you will be halfway there.


What is the best Supima® Certification?

The best Supima® Certification is the one given by the Supima® Organization. Not only is it the best as, in fact, it is the only one available. To guarantee your products are made with the best cotton and to provide your customers with the Supima® unique difference your best answer is to look for official suppliers.


How much does the Supima® Certification cost

To obtain a Supima® Certification and become an official licensee, an online application must be made at the official site of the organization. After being accepted and thoroughly certified, an annual licensing fee is required. 

Remember the fee pays for more than the certificate. It also gives you full access to the brand itself.

Is also a way of supporting the farming of the superior American cotton, grown in the American southwest.


What types of certificates are there?

The quality of our products can be guaranteed by a number of certificates available within the textile industry. And besides the Supima® Certification, we are also certified by: 

Learn more about our Certificates:

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