Supima cotton is the finest cotton fiber used to create circular knitted fabrics of very superior quality. 

It is in its extra-long natural fibers that we find what distinguishes it from the rest of the natural fibers. Supima cotton fibers can average about 4 cm or 1.57 inches. Its size is almost twice as large as other natural fibers used in the textile industry, which have an average of about 2.5 cm or about 1 inch.

Because these are longer, they are more resistant and, at the same time, a lot softer. The result is a circular knitted fabric that is much more comfortable and resistant.

Furthermore, these fibers are also more susceptible to dyeing processes, which means that the original colors used in the production of circular knitted fabrics remain strong and shiny for longer periods.

Supima cotton is grown exclusively in the West and Southwest of the U.S.A., namely in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

Representing less than 1% of all cotton produced in the world, its methods rely on the most innovative processes and the latest technologies available. Proof of this is the use of GPS software, satellite systems, or soil monitoring technologies for the cultivation of Supima cotton.

The objective is to be able to grow Supima cotton with the quality that is recognized throughout the world, with the least possible environmental impact.

What is Supima cotton?

Supima cotton is a type of cotton with a quality that is recognizably superior to that of the rest. Its name is very similar to the Pima type. This has a reason for being so.

In textile, retail, and other industries, Pima is the name given to a type of quality cotton fibers. Supima cotton goes one step further.

Grown in the U.S.A., Supima cotton is also a registered trademark. It is used by the approximately 500 farmers who produce it, in a joint effort to promote their product both nationally and internationally. Supima cotton special features can be found in its extra-long natural fibers.

As a rule, shorter fibers give rise to rougher circular knitted fabrics that are more likely to form blisters on their surface. But these fibers have unique features.

When it comes time to knitting, Supima cotton allows for the creation of sturdier and softer materials, with greater color retention capacity. Produced from natural fibers, Supima cotton is a rare and excellent quality of cotton fiber.

Its cultivation requires its producers to resort to innovation and the most advanced technological agricultural processes. There is a real effort to maintain soil fertility and a proportional increase in productivity, seeking to maintain a sustainable balance between production and preservation.

Some examples of how Supima cotton is sustainably grown can be found in soil conservation.

Farmers make use of the practice of crop rotation on a regular basis. Another example is the use of GPS systems that guide heavier machines along the paths previously used, to reduce pressure on the soil.

In addition to the GPS systems, this type of agriculture also uses satellite systems for the study of plant growth.

When the percentage of growth starts to decrease, those specific areas are properly identified, and an analysis is carried out to find possible missing nutrients or some type of pest that may be about to appear in the fields.

Even in the management of water and irrigation processes, the production of Supima cotton relies on technology. In this specific case, producers can choose between different types of irrigation on laser-level soils to optimize their efficiency.

These types of options used during cultivation of Supima cotton allow for the restoration of soil moisture, replenishing them with nutrients or even forming aquifers. Sometimes these become so healthy that they even encourage the resurgence of wildlife. For all these reasons, by purchasing circular knitted fabrics made from Supima cotton, you will be acquiring truly premium products of a much higher quality, grown with an impeccable environmental concern.


Where to buy SUPIMA cotton fiber?

Supima cotton allows the creation of much more resistant and elegant pieces.

Its longer natural fibers resist tears and the effects of time, which result in more resilient products, able to retain their color and shape. Furthermore, Supima cotton does not require any kind of special treatment.

In fact, the more you use it and wash it, the more will its qualities come to the fore. With an extremely soft touch, Supima cotton is a luxury natural fiber that increases the quality and strength of your garments.

It is available at ITJV only by requesting a catalogue and validating samples.


This text was written and published in 2021

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