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Organic merino wool is a renewable natural fiber. It comes from the flocks of sheep left to live outdoors. These sheep are cared for naturally, without using pesticides, chemicals, or other artificial products, whether in their food or even when producing organic merino wool.

Therefore, it all starts with the treatment given to these sheep every single day. Producers are seeking to respond to increasing awareness of the effects of climate change and the importance of sustainability for our economy and our world.

The production of organic merino wool is a commitment.

A commitment to the health and welfare of these animals, first and foremost, but also to the health of humans and the planet as a whole. Over the past few years, the number of environmentally responsible producers and companies dedicated to organic merino wool has been increasing, mainly due to the growing interest shown by consumers in this type of product.

However, when compared to other natural textile fibers, one can say that the organic merino wool industry is an industry that is still in its infancy.


What’s organic merino wool?

Organic merino wool is a type of raw material that comes from strong and healthy sheep. These herds spend all year outdoors, are fed with food certified by competent companies for this purpose, and their hygiene is done only in waters from natural sources, in which they bathe.

This means organic merino wool is an extremely renewable type of natural fiber. The sheep live for much longer and the fur that covers them grows back robust and very quickly after the shearing season.

Likewise, shearing follows the best practices for sustainable livestock rearing. Without causing any kind of pain or discomfort to these animals. They even seem to appreciate it. Since organic merino wool works as a thermal insulation, they return to the fields much fresher!

In addition, all organic merino wool used for circular knitted fabrics is processed without the use of any type of chemicals. The result is a truly natural and ready-to-use product for the creation of goods of much higher quality.

The quality of organic merino wool is so superior that it became common to define this type of natural circular knitted fabrics as being the purest on the face of the earth. The origin of organic merino wool is, in everything, similar to the origin of the merino wool used in the production of more conventional pieces.

The breed of sheep that gives it its name – the Merino sheep – is found for the first time in the 12th century, in Spain.

For over 500 years, these sheep were so valuable to the Spanish kingdom that their sale was even prohibited and punishable with the death penalty.

Today, these herds are the result of a selective breeding process that began many centuries earlier, even during the time of the Roman Empire. As centuries passed, these sheep were combined and crossed with other breeds of sheep. They are now found all over the world, namely in mountainous areas or at high altitudes.

Still, there is a difference. The treatment given to organic merino wool sheep is much more responsible and careful. And the environment that surrounds them and in which they grow is as natural and healthy as possible.

Where to buy organic merino wool?

Before buying organic merino wool there are a few characteristics worthy of knowing. They are the result of a natural, animal-friendly, and low environmental impact production.

The touch of organic merino wool is very comfortable and extremely smooth.

Mainly for the most delicate skin, such as the skin of babies or the more sensitive skin of some adults. In addition, natural circular knitted fabrics from organic merino wool are much more resistant than they first appear, maintaining all comfort for long periods.

Finally, this is a raw material with properties that allow for thermal insulation. That is, they allow the body to warm up when the weather is cold and refresh it when the heat starts to be felt more strongly.

Circular knitted fabrics made with this type of organic merino wool can therefore be used all year round without any problems. The quality of organic merino wool is of such absolute excellence that its touch is often compared to the wonderful touch of cashmere.

Circular knitted fabrics made from organic merino wool come from a sustainable production process, from start to finish.

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This text was written and published in 2021

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