ITJV Têxteis has been commercializing circular knitted fabrics since 1996. We have an efficient and technologically advanced high production capacity, within a workspace of about 1300 m2.

Our circular knitted fabrics come in different compositions, created from a wide variety of natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers. These compositions stand out for the color palette that our customers have at their disposal, but also for the structures themselves.

They are reliable, durable circular knitted fabrics with a quality that we are very proud of.

Our day-to-day is guided by three main points: the origin of the materials, the quality of our employees, and partners and the sustainability processes of tomorrow.

That is also why we have a wide network of contacts, both in national and international markets, and the reason behind why we are certified by the best organizations and institutions that guarantee the quality and sustainability of our products and materials.

These are circular knitted fabrics proudly created in Santo Tirso, from Portugal to the world.

Our history

ITJV was founded in the 1990s, in Santo Tirso, Portugal. Our doors first opened for the textile commercialization industries and subcontracting.

The success of the first few years allowed us to generate the necessary investment to build our own production plant, with the aim of improving both our flexibility and versatility. Since then, we have continuously raised the bar, growing with experience and time. Even then, we gave extreme importance to the creation of new partnerships. So it remains.

In 2012, we began to explore new market segments, investing in more exclusive, differentiated, and quality raw materials.

We sought to respond to increasing market demand, through various activities such as supporting events within the textile industry.

Our circular knitted fabrics quickly extended to a growing number of new customers, solidifying in a constantly changing market and to which we made a point of continuing to respond.

In 2019, we increased our production area again to around 1300m2. More recently, we renewed our image, adapting it to the inherent needs of the digital market and the ability to respond online.


Our Fibers

At ITJV we create circular knitted fabrics in all types of natural, artificial, and synthetic fibers. They are high-quality fibers with a rich history we are proud to share in each of their content categories.

We want you to know everything you need to know about any type of fiber that interests you, before ordering directly from our catalogue.

At ITJV, we only work with high-quality fibers from renowned partners and suppliers around the world.

In natural fibers, you will find items such as Cotton (conventional, organic, recycled, or Supima®), more traditional fibers such as Merino Wool, Linen, or Silk, and natural Hemp or Nettle fibers.

In synthetic fibers, we work with some of the most used fibers around the world, such as Polyamide, Polyester, and Rayon.

In artificial fibers, we develop circular knitted fabrics grounded on the best technological advances of recent years, including circular knitted fabrics in Cell Solution, Lyocell, ReFibra, or Seacell, but also the better known Modal or Viscose.

The structures we use are also the most varied and include the Italian stitch and American stitch, but also Jacquard, Jersey, Interlock, or Piquet/Piqué.

ITJV circular knitted fabrics are only available through catalog request and sample validation.

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