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Hemp fiber is a natural, ecological, and sustainable option. It has long been used to create the most varied types of materials.In archaeological excavations, some pieces have been found with dates that take us back to more than eight thousand years ago, to Mesopotamia.

During World War II, it was also chosen for the manufacture of military uniforms used by American soldiers. As the centuries passed, hemp fiber was also put to good use in many different areas.

Examples of this are what we find during the 200th century BC, in ropes of Greek boats; or during the Age of Exploration, in caravels sailed by Christopher Columbus.

Hemp fiber comes from the plant of the same name.

This is a plant that grows very quickly – it takes about four months to reach maturity – and with great vigor. When compared to other types of natural plant fibers, such as cotton, this one produces about 200% more quantity, in the same piece of land.

Cultivation of hemp fiber requires very little water and no use of any type of pesticides or herbicides, as it is a very resistant plant. In addition, its biological properties help to control soil erosion as well as renew its nutrients.

Creating a circular knitted fabric made from hemp fiber, therefore, is the result of a renewable, very sustainable production with a low environmental impact.

What is hemp fiber?

Hemp fiber is a type of natural fiber that is very resistant and absorbent.

In addition to being able to maintain its shape over time, the useful life of hemp fiber is longer than the average lifespan of most other types of natural fibers.

Highly valued for its resistance and durability, circular knitted fabrics made from hemp fiber soften with each wash, offering a more natural and rustic look, very much appreciated by the most varied consumers. However, sometimes the feel of the circular knitted fabrics made from hemp fiber can be a little rougher than ideal. In order to avoid this characteristic, it is common to often see it mixed with other types of materials, such as cotton or silk.

The origin of hemp fiber is found in the stem of the plant that gives it its name: the hemp plant.

Its characteristics allow for the production of the most varied goods, from the softest and most delicate items to the most rigid and solid ones.


Hemp Fiber Characteristics

Hemp fiber is rough to the touch and with a very particular smell that may bother some people.

It is biodegradable, with porous qualities that allow the creation of circular knitted fabrics that are very adaptable to any temperature, able to keep its users warmer in winter and cooler during the summer.

In addition, its characteristics make it absorb dyes better while being also recognized for its capability of mixing with other types of fiber, without any major problems.


Where to buy hemp fiber?

Circular knitted fabrics made from hemp fiber are known for their natural beauty that is capable of transporting us to the past.

Very versatile and used for conceiving a very wide range of goods, circular knitted fabrics made from hemp fiber allow the creation of items that can range from clothing to shoes, alongside fashion accessories and some home decor items.

At ITJV you will find high-quality circular knitted fabrics made from hemp fiber, available only through catalogue request and sample validation.


This text was written and published in 2021

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