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Cell Solution Protection is a technologically advanced artificial fiber. As its name implies, it offers a greater degree of defense, specifically against the attacks of some insects. 

Its development was patented by the same company responsible for the production of Cell Solution Clima, the German Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK). Both the Clima version and the Cell Solution Protection are part of a set of innovative fibers, the result of current technological advances.

Active agents are added to both these fibers. They are very specific chemical substances that give them new characteristics.

Everything happens during the production process. In the case of Cell Solution Protection, this active agent is permethrin, often used in insecticides and other repellents.

Cell Solution Protection is also built upon Lyocell fiber, an artificial fiber originating from cellulose, an organic substance that is later chemically treated. The cellulose used in the production of Lyocell is extracted from the wood pulp of sustainably cared for trees, namely the Eucalyptus tree.


What is Cell Solution Protection?

Cell Solution Protection is an artificial fiber with special features that can be divided into three different types.

The first type refers directly to Cell Solution Protection itself. It derives from the insertion of the permethrin (a Phase Change Material) that creates a defense mechanism against insects. The second feature is linked to the patented technology used for its production, which offers a high thermal regulation capacity.

The third characteristic of Cell Solution Protection is associated with the original fiber from which it is built upon: Lyocell. Like Lyocell, this is an equally versatile, resistant, and yet soft-touch fiber. In addition, it can be easily mixed with other types of fibers, such as cotton.

However, the choice of the Lyocell fiber for the creation of Cell Solution Protection is anything but random. Lyocell also has great breathing capacity and is recognized for absorbing very little odors.

In other words, this is a fiber that doesn't need that many washings, which allows it to extend its useful life, as well as maintain the renewal of the repellent effect of permethrin with each wash. When insects come in contact with Cell Solution Protection and, therefore, the PCM, their nervous system is affected, and they are compelled to stand back and move away.

It is important to emphasize that permethrin has no effect on humans or other types of mammals. Therefore, this is a perfectly safe chemical substance. 


Composition of Cell Solution Protection fiber

The composition of Cell Solution Protection begins with a Phase Change Material (PCM) that is inserted during its production process. This is just like what happens with Cell Solution Clima, developed by the same German company TITK. The introduction of a Phase Change Material offers fibers a greater capacity to accumulate and release heat, as well as better body moisture management through unrivaled thermal regulation.

Cell Solution Protection naturally benefits from these advantages. But its recognition is due to the specific PCM, or chemical substance added: permethrin.

Permethrin is often found in the most diverse types of insecticides. In fact, it is a substance recommended by the World Health Organization and is present in its official list of essential medicines. The technology developed allows the insertion of this repellent right at the beginning of the production of Cell Solution Protection, changing the molecular structure of the fiber right at the origin.

Later, with each wash cycle, there is a controlled release of permethrin to ensure that the repellent is always present on the surface of the circular knitted fabric. Thus, circular knitted fabrics made from Cell Solution Protection contain an ever-present defense mechanism. It is precisely this system that protects users from some types of insects, such as ticks or mosquitoes.

Naturally, Cell Solution Protection is therefore especially used in contexts where safety against insects is recommended, such as agricultural, forestry, or even military work.


Where to buy Cell Solution Protection fiber?

Circular knitted fabrics in Cell Solution Protection were developed to be combined with other types of circular knitted fabrics, in the proper proportions. The objective is always to protect the user against the majority of insects, whether in a work or leisure context.

For this reason, its application can be found in the most varied sectors of activity, from the creation of anti-mosquito materials for a five-star vacation resort, to military uniforms used in tropical regions, for example.

Versatile and comfortable, it is only available at ITJV through catalogue request and sample validation.


This text was written and published in 2021

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