Circular knitted fabrics are a versatile and innovative technique that has revolutionized the textile industry. 

ITJV is a leading manufacturer of circular knitted fabrics with dozens of different circular knits at your disposal, varying in composition and structures.

So, whether you’re a business looking for high-quality pieces or just curious about this fascinating technique, it’s time for us to unravel these threads together.


What is a Circular Knitted Fabric?

Also known as tubular knits or simply circular knits, circular knitted fabrics refer to a sewing technique made possible by the circular knitting machine. The name “circular” comes from the circular path followed by the needles during the knitting process. 

At ITJV, we use our circular knit machines and this technique to create seamless and versatile circular knitted fabrics with different sizes, diameters, compositions, and structures. 


Circular Knitting vs Flat Knitting

Although the end result may look the same at first glance, flat knitting means the piece has been knitted back and forth. Circular knitted fabrics, on the other hand, have their knitting done in a circle, which gives the piece its tubular form. 

Unlike flat knitting, which produces flat, open fabrics, circular knitting creates a closed, tubular fabric ideal for items that require a seamless finish, such as t-shirts or socks.


Types of Circular Knitted Fabrics

Types of circular knitted fabrics are directly related to the types of fibers chosen to knit the pieces together. This is what we call the composition, and it may vary from a 100% cotton circular knitted fabric to more complex compositions including bamboo viscose, polyamide, and spandex all in one piece.


At ITJV our fibers are distinguished from one another by their origins, particularly considering if they are naturally produced or created in a laboratory environment.


Natural Fibers

Natural circular knitted fabrics are made from natural fibers like cotton (organic, Supima, recycled, etc.), wool, or linen. 

Circular knitted fabrics made from natural fibers are breathable, soft, and comfortable, making them perfect for different types of clothing and home textiles.


Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic circular knitted fabrics are made from man-made fibers like polyester or spandex, helping us create circular knitted polyester fabrics that offer an extra layer of durability, elasticity, and resistance to wrinkles and shrinkage.


Artificial Fibers

Artificial circular knitted fabrics are somewhat in between the natural and synthetic options. They combine the comfort of natural fibers with the durability of synthetic fibers – Tencell (Lenzing) and Lyocell are probably the most renowned of the artificial circular knitted fabrics available at ITJV. 


Types of Circular Knitting Techniques and Structures

In pair with composition, circular knitted fabrics also have different structures. From interlock to jacquard, each structure refers to a different circular knitting technique that will also show in the end piece.  

At ITJV we mainly use eight different circular knitting techniques. Here’s a brief description of each one. 

American Fleece

American fleece is a warm, soft circular knit often used in sweatshirts and blankets.

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Double Side 

The double side is a reversible circular knitted fabric with different textures or colors on each side. It’s often used in reversible clothing and home textiles. However, both sides can also be of the same texture and color, allowing you to create new visual effects.

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A honeycomb is a circular knitted fabric with a distinctive cellular structure resembling that of a bee’s honeycomb. It’s highly absorbent and often used in towels and bathrobes.

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Interlock is a variation of what is known as the rib knit, known for being denser and heavier than other circular knitted fabrics, making it ideal for winter clothing or warmer pieces.

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Italian Fleece 

Italian fleece is a high-quality fleece known for its softness and warmth. It’s often used in luxury wears of all kinds, namely sportswear and loungewear.

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Circular jacquard knitting fabric allows for the creation of more complex, multicolored patterns, often used in high-end fashion and home decor.

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Jersey is a type of circular knitted fabric known for its softness, flexibility, and stretch. It’s commonly used in t-shirts and underwear for both men and women.

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Piquet is a double-sided fabric with a waffle-like texture, often used in polo shirts and other sportswear.

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ITJV: Circular Knitted Fabric Manufacturers

At ITJV, we specialize in producing high-quality circular knitted fabrics for dozens of businesses belonging to a wide array of industries. 

Our range includes natural, synthetic, and artificial fibers, as well as a variety of knitting techniques and structures, which makes us a circular knit fabric supplier you can always trust. 

Explore our catalog of circular knit fabrics for sale and see our full range of circular knitted fabrics to request a quote. Learn more about our products and how we can help your business succeed: contact us today. 

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