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Cell Solution Clima is an artificial fiber created with natural cellulose extracted from wood. Its name refers directly to its greatest feature: the air conditioning and thermal regulation of the body.

Whether man-made, natural, or synthetic, many fibers offer some level of body temperature adjustment. However, none appears to have the same capabilities as does Cell Solution Clima. This innovative technology was invented and patented by the German company Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research.

Its secret is found in the addition of refined paraffin during the production process, which was created based on Lyocell fiber.

What happens with circular knitted fabrics made from Cell Solution Clima is that they can create a thermal barrier against the cold in the shape of microscopic heat accumulators.

When the body is warm, Cell Solution Clima fibers absorb its heat. However, instead of releasing it, they keep it. Then, when the body starts to cool down, for whatever reason, this artificial fiber releases the accumulated heat again, re-warming the area of ​​the body with which it is interacting. In other words, body temperature remains in perfect thermal balance, constantly stable.


What is Cell Solution Clima?

Cell Solution Clima is an artificial fiber that combines two technological innovations: Lyocell and the addition of a specific PCM or Phase Change Material.

Lyocell is also an artificial fiber likewise created from cellulose.

Its production method is in itself a very advanced production method. A Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance added during the production process. The choice of this substance or material is made based on the goal to be achieved.

Generally speaking, Phase Change Materials aim at thermal regulation, a greater capacity for heat accumulation, and an almost perfect management of body moisture.

Although the use of a Phase Change Material is not new, the substance chosen and added to the production of Cell Solution Clima has completely transformed it. In the case of Cell Solution Clima, the PCM used, that is, the substance added to the process, is refined paraffin: an organic material extracted from the oil of plants.

It is this refined paraffin that allows Cell Solution Clima to absorb body heat and accumulate it, and then release it whenever necessary. Thus, this artificial fiber oscillates between absorption and emission of energy, in the form of heat, providing excellent thermal comfort.

In short, the circular knitted fabrics in Cell Solution Clima transform an ordinary product into a truly active product.


Composition of Cell Solution Clima

The composition of Cell Solution Clima allows the creation of a kind of microclimate that forms between the skin and the circular knitted fabric with which it interacts. Cell Solution Clima is produced according to a patented method, in which the refined paraffin integrates perfectly into the fiber composition during its production technique.

When integration occurs, numerous micro heat accumulators are created between each of the fibrous units. These micro heat accumulators are what give Cell Solution Clima extraordinary breathing power.

It is a state-of-the-art artificial fiber that adjusts to body temperature according to the heat emanating from the skin.

At the same time, the integration of the paraffin is done so that the fiber structure remains rather flat and smooth. The result is a charming, soft feel to the touch, when in contact with the circular knitted fabric created with Cell Solution Clima. Still on the paraffin present in the composition of Cell Solution Clima, it also helps the fibers to absorb excess heat and return it again when the skin temperature inevitably drops once more.

The potential humidity or sweat that could be created due to prior excessive heat is also reduced but, this time, due to the other fibers that make up Cell Solution Clima: Lyocell fibers. The fact that this artificial fiber is produced from Lyocell implies that they share the same characteristics, among which is absorption capacity. 

Circular knitted fabrics composed of Cell Solution Clima fibers thus keep their surface always fresh, dry, and smooth. 

For all these reasons, thermal regulation is always ensured, which translates into a greater comfort for the user.


Where to buy Cell Solution Clima?

In addition to being a technologically advanced, state-of-the-art artificial fiber, Cell Solution Clima is also a truly ecological alternative.

Firstly, the cellulose used during its production method is obtained from wood, which comes from protected and sustainably raised trees. The same happens with paraffin. This is extracted from the oil of plants that grow in the same kind of conditions and with shared environmental concerns.

Throughout the entire production process, the water used is also recycled. In other words, circular knitted fabrics in Cell Solution Clima have a production method that is a reason to be proud of. In addition, this is a very resistant fiber, with numerous applications, from home decoration to pieces that are more dependent on the user's performance, as is the case with some uniforms, for example.

It is available at the ITJV only through catalogue request and sample validation.


This text was written and published in 2021

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