GRS Certificate

The GRS Certificate stands for Global Recycle Standard Certification and was first established in 2008. Today, it certifies products and materials along the entire textile supply chain in more than 50 countries all over the world and is applied to companies within the textile sector that voluntarily request it.

When it was created, the GRS Certificate put in place the requirements needed for a company to not only ensure consumers concerning the use of recycled materials, but also to diminish possible harmful environmental effects and chemical impacts, and suitable working conditions.

When a company specialized in textiles, such as the case of ITJV, gets certificated with the GRS Certificate it becomes internationally recognized for its recycled products and responsible environmental practices.

So if you are wondering what is needed to receive the GRS Certificate and what is its purpose and meaning, read on.


What is the GRS Certificate

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certificate is an internationally renowned certification that guarantees a labeled product is made of at least 20% recycled materials. 

However, a distinctive factor of this certification is also related to the additional environmental and social layer, likewise assessed when certifying a company within the textile sector.

Essential to the GRS Certificate is the definition of Recycled Material, which is sourced from ISO – the International Organization for Standardization. ISO defines recycled material as that that has been reprocessed or recovered through a manufacturing process and made into a final product or a component for incorporation into a final product.

Since the GRS Certificate is voluntary, any company that aims to receive it must submit the application having this definition in mind, as well as the rigorous environmental and labor/social requirements, such as the norms devised by the International Labor Organization, and the non-use of any chemicals with potential environmental harm.

From the recycling entity to the final consumer product, the GRS Certificate guarantees that the identity of the recycled material is preserved.

Particularly given the fact that the certification is audited by a third-party professional body.


How important is the GRS Certificate?

The importance of the GRS Certificate is better understood by acknowledging what it guarantees to the consumer. When acquiring a GRS labeled product, you can be sure that:

  • Harmful impact on both the people and the planet was reduced;
  • Recycled materials were used in high percentages;
  • Production was handled responsibly;
  • All labeled products are traceable, and the entire process is entirely managed through transparent communication and stakeholder engagement.

In short, the GRS Certificate helps reduce harmful chemicals, protect and promote better working conditions and ensure all customers that the products are indeed recycled. 


What is the purpose of the GRS Certificate

The purpose of the GRS Certificate aligns with the worldwide purpose of sustainability, by promoting and ensuring the use of recycled materials in the entire supply chain textile industry. 

The certification legitimizes the products it labels, guaranteeing the consumer about the genuine effort to recycle otherwise discarded clothes and fibers, therefore helping support a more sustainable fashion industry.


What is the meaning of being GRS Certified

Being GRS Certified means being evaluated by internationally recognized third-party institutions that have been authorized to certify companies belonging to the textile industry.

The process requires following strict guidelines that confirm the compliance with the requirements to be met, including the use of a minimum % of recycled material.

From the beginning of the supply chain up until the final product to be acquired by the consumer, GRS Certificate is a way of ensuring measures were taken to maintain the recycled nature of the product along the entire value chain.


What other types of certificates are there?

All of our products have a guarantee of quality that is certified by internationally renowned and specialized institutional bodies. In addition to the GRS Certificate, ITJV is also certified with:

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