GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, a worldwide certificate of premium quality and sustainability.

Organic fibers are GOTS’ main focus with certification being comprised of two labels, each requiring different percentages of organic fibers present in any certified product. 

Organic fibers are fibers used by the textile industry, grown without pesticides or other synthetic products, as well as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) or herbicides of any kind.

In practice, these come from what is known as organic agriculture, which takes into consideration the ecosystem, the soils, and the people working it every day. 

GOTS adheres to a set of binding requirements that must be met in order to be certified.

These requirements differ from stage to stage of the entire textile value chain, but they range from production and harvesting of the fibers up to the products sold by many fashion brands. For the standard to be accepted, GOTS was also required to be practical for all involved, including the many textile products that could beneficiate from it.

Taking this into consideration, the Global Standard opted to define any product worthy of the certification as “containing a minimum content of organic fibers” which should be processed with low environmental impact and strictly controlled on the chemical front.

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What is the GOTS certification?

GOTS certification is a certificate of quality and sustainable practices granted by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is the world’s leading body on organic fibers. 

The GOTS certification not only certifies that any given textile product is made of at least 70% of organic fibers but also includes other ecological and social criteria for a company to be certified as well as independent third-party verification.

In fact, third-party verification is an integral part of the entire GOTS certification process, comprised entirely of mandatory criteria including all the processing stages. 

GOTS directly contributes to the entire sustainability of the textile value chain, evaluating a wide range of issues, from chemicals used to company management of human resources.

To become a company certified by GOTS, all criteria must be complied with, and all textiles must be made from at least 70% organic fibers. This is one of the two grades provided by GOTS, the other requiring 95% of organic fibers, with the label GOTS Organic.


How important is the GOTS certification?

Being certified by the Global Organic Standard Organization is extremely important for both the consumer and the company.

The GOTS certificate assures everyone involved that the methods being used for processing and production are environmentally friendly, with respect to standard working human conditions.

Not only that, but this certificate also acts as a promoter of sustainability itself, advocating for the use of organic fibers produced with the same sustainable consciousness by anyone who wears a labeled product. 

What is the purpose of GOTS?

To understand the purpose of GOTS, one must also understand that the certificate is given by a self-financed institution with the mission of developing and promoting the Global Organic Textile Standard in the entire world.

Within this context, the governing body behind GOTS ultimately serves two different purposes. 

The first is to set a worldwide standard of requirements for the environment and working conditions of the textile value chain using organic materials. By doing so, it further enhances its second purpose: sustainable development practices.

By developing, implementing, and protecting the standard, the Global Organic Textile Standard ensures the companies certified are in compliance with the best sustainable practices available while promoting universal acknowledgment.

The institution manages to do this through a five stage process:

  1. Development;
  2. Implementation;
  3. Verification;
  4. Protection;
  5. Promotion.

However, it is also important to underline the fact that GOTS works with a number of international partners, from stakeholders to industry players to worker’s unions and chemical suppliers in a voluntary manner, hoping to inspire everyone involved of the importance about a global standard.


What is the meaning of being GOTS certified?

To be GOTS certified means to have respect for the people and the environment that allows us to create beautiful circular knitted fabrics in a sustainable fashion. It’s an official adherence to the best sustainability practices. 

In an age where textile sustainability is top of mind for many consumers, this certification in GOTS clothing also hopes to give an answer to their justified needs for transparency.

For ITJV this certification also means we are complying with our own sustainability standards, alongside our commitment to renewable resources in our everyday activities. 

For us, textile sustainability must be implemented from start to finish from the fields where our organic fibers are produced all the way up until the end consumer. 

As the popular catchphrase goes: there’s no planet B. 

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