ITJV - Comércio de Têxteis


Our company is in
the textile market since 1997

focusing on quality and competitiveness.

We have the ability to
produce meshes with different compositions.

We can fabricate structures with or without spandex such as:

We work with several types of raw materials but always with the best quality:


"Our quality is our difference."

Idalina Torres (Manager)

In current days it is necessary to have a capable response to the client's requests in terms of quality and rigour.
Our company insists on improving the relationship with its employees and partners every day.

We have the ability to sell the mesh in raw or finished if the client's interested.
Promoting our products in the international market and emphasising
competitive prices have been our most recent goals.

We are 35 km from Porto.


We are located in Santo Tirso.

Come visit our installations.

Rua do Rosal nº222, 4780-615 STS Portugal

Phone: +351 252 862 162 | Fax: +351 252 862 504

ITJV - Comércio de Têxteis Lda. 2013